What arrangements are in place to secure the session and payment?


Psychcare 24/7 takes privacy and security very seriously. As such, hash encrypted usernames/passwords are used for all therapist and client data. In addition, w...e use unique data repositories for each therapist and utilise servers on subnets behind multiple hardware firewalls. For payment, the system uses third party gateways such as Paypal, and all financial details are managed by them. For details of Paypal and Payway security policies please see:



 What help facilities are available for clients?


Clients can contact therapists directly through the app or website. Clients and therapists can also contact us for assistance with technical problems through ou...r contact address on the system. These inquiries are dealt with as soon as possible- usually within a 24 hour window.


 What advantages does Psychcare 24/7 have over regular Zoom or Skype counselling?


Psychcare 24/7 offers a safer alternative to Zoom counselling. Its encrypted local data storage system ensures that client data is safe and confidential. It als...o has the additional benefit of offering sessions on a 24/7 basis. Finally, Psychcare 24/7 counsellors come equipped with expertise in a range of areas to suit client needs.

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