How do I get started with Psychcare 24/7


To begin using Psychcare 24/7 services, you will first need to register an account with us. To do this, simply click the 'Register' tab on the website homepage ...and follow the steps.

Once your account is confirmed, you will be able to login in to the site and add credits to your account and book sessions. If you are a business client, you will have credits automatically assigned to your account.

To access sessions, all clients will need to download the Psychcare 24/7 App from the Google Play or Apple stores. Once downloaded, simply enter your login details to begin your counselling session.


 Can I select my counsellor or am I matched to a counsellor?


Your counsellor will be selected for you based on your needs. You also have the opportunity to choose another counsellor if you wish. ...


 How are bookings/appointments made?


The client or therapist can book sessions online. These can be set calendar times or requested times. Booking is very easy once you are registered with the site.... Your online calendar clearly indicates when you have sessions booked, and there are also a number of computer generated emails in the system to assist you with set up and bookings.


 How much does it cost?


To book a session, individual clients will need to purchase credits through our payment systems (PayPal or PayWay). Our pricing structure is as follows:

...Business clients will have credits applied to their account in line with their service agreement with us.


 Does Psychcare 24/7 require Broadband internet access?


No -it is specifically designed and engineered to use as low bandwidth as possible....

You can register for Psychcare247 immediately