Can I select my counsellor or am I matched to a counsellor? Your counsellor will be randomly selected for you. The only time that you will be matched to a specific counsellor will be through our face to face service stream.


 How do the sessions work?


A 'session' is the time a counsellor and a client arrange to connect and chat to each other online. This session can be arranged by the therapist or the client.... Session chats are totally secure behind firewalls and are only available at the time of the session to the therapist and client. After the session the therapist can activate the chat logs for the client to read.


 What is a Therapist?


The term mainly refers to a therapist, counsellor, or psychotherapist. The site can be used by other professionals who need a secure site to create sessions to and chat with their clients. The site is open to other professional services such as nutritionists.

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