What is Psychcare24/7?

Welcome to Psychcare 24/7 an immediate response counselling service which gives the opportunity for you to seek help, care and support using three different connections:

  1. Internet or Online Counselling / Email Support
  2. Telephone Counselling
  3. Face-to-Face counselling

We understand that people suffer at different times and require different modes of connecting. Therefore choice and immediacy are recognised as primary needs in recovery. Psychcare 24/7 counselling website seeks to give users access to care quickly.


Be connected with a professional qualified counsellor who is able to talk about your issues and problems.

Connecting and sharing will be the first vital step towards help and recovery.

Psychcare 24/7 will give you instant access and privacy to discover ways of understanding your personal concerns, life’s challenges, problems, issues and a path forward.

Psychcare 24/7 will give comfort, direction and focus to your problems.